Fourth reason why you must pay attention to Green Growth – Consumers demand green products

Kay Walsh of Deloitte has written an article listing 10 compelling reasons why South African companies must pay attention to Green Growth. Sustainability and climate change is at the top of the agenda for most companies and must be taken very seriously. Here is the fourth reason why companies need to pay attention to “Green Growth”.

Contact Kay Walsh at or visit the Deloitte Sustainability and Climate Change website for more information.

Consumers demand green products

Throughout the world the mindset about going green is changing. Consumers are increasingly concerned and environmentally-conscious and this drives their behaviour. Increasingly, consumers will choose to do business only with companies who do not degrade the environment.

Al Gore‟s 2006 documentary, „An inconvenient truth‟, has been watched by millions globally, and played an enormous role in increasing consumer consciousness about climate change and sustainability.

Legislation will be introduced, and global pressure will dictate, that product labels state carbon content. People will check before they buy.

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3 thoughts on “Fourth reason why you must pay attention to Green Growth – Consumers demand green products

  1. Rob

    Are organisations going green because of a responsibility to go green or due to economic and financial pressures? The investment managers with whom I have interacted say that “green” is not a priority in terms of which companies they invest (albeit admitting this rather sheepishly). Possibly in the future (how far in the future who knows) investments will be made in terms of a commitment to going “green” as well as other indicators.

    1. David Graham Post author

      If companies were to think “Green Growth” because it is the right thing to do only, most just wouldn’t bother. The only way you can motivate people to do anything is to put legislation in place that affects their pocket!


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