The Art of Getting More Retweets

One of the fundamental challenges faced by social media marketers is finding their target audience and producing content their followers find interesting and are willing to share. Tina Cook has published an article which provides practical advice on how to get those elusive retweets!

The Art of Getting More Retweets

by Tina Cook

Or Make It Easy To Retweet You!

Retweets on Twitter are not only a compliment, they wing your messages to new streams of users who may want more and click the follow button so you increase your digital reach and visibility.

Retweets give you instant feedback: when you are retweeted that’s the sign your followers are finding your content worthwhile.

Getting more retweets is an Art. Like all artists, you need to observe and practice your craft till you achieve the tweeting balance and harmony that gives you a good retweet result.

Here are some tactics to add to your palette and play with until you find the mix and match magic to give your followers the content they appreciate enough to retweet.

1. Tweet more good content

Tweet content relevant to your target market’s needs. Give your followers information that will help them solve their challenges and make progress. Use Hootsuite to pre-schedule your tweets so you can set up (and then get on with your other work). Be sure to check your tweets and mentions later in the day.

Add variety to your tweets:

  • Some breaking news.
  • Some evergreen good stuff.
  • Some inspirational/encouraging.
  • Some promoting you.
  • Some promoting leaders in your niche.
  • Some for fun.

Think of your Twitter stream like a good TV channel. What will keep your target market tuning in?

Mix your mediums:

  • Some text.
  • Some videos.
  • More photos. (Especially now you can upload directly from Twitter.)

2. Make it easy to retweet you

Be clear and succinct. Keep your tweets short – 120 characters at the most – allowing space for your Twitter name in the retweet and their comment.

3. Tweet links

Twitter is a link economy, as Guy Kawasaki reminds us. 90% of your tweets need to have links. Links get retweeted. Mix links to your content with links to others’ content that your target market with find useful. When you tweet about your new blog post, start your tweet with [New Blog Post].

4. Retweet others

The power of reciprocity works wonders.

5. Gratitude works too

  • Thank those whose content helped you.
  • Thank those that retweeted you. Include their name and a well wish or interesting comment.

6. Use a recognized link shortener is the best and tracks too.

7. Add a retweet button to your website

If you have a WordPress website the TweetMeme Retweet Button plugin is excellent. Install at the beginning and end of your posts and pages.

The SexyBookmarks plugin is brilliant too.

Some prefer to use Twitter’s own official Tweet Button. Which ever is your favorite, make it easy for people to retweet you.

Spreading your content and brand further with the recommendation of your followers will be your reward for your care in crafting and mastering the art of the retweet.

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