Where does a CIO fit in with online marketing?

by Jonathan Houston, online marketing manager at Talooma (@Jingo27 on Twitter)

Where does a CIO fit in with online marketing?

The generic answer that you get when you ask someone what a CIO does is, “oh, he is the chief IT guy”…

Now while this is partially true, a CIO is more involved in the strategic alignment of the business objectives, process management and revenue generation as well as revenue growth of specific business units through the strategic implementation of IT strategies and IT best practices. (that is a bit of a mouthful, but it sums up the strategic importance of the roll.)

In addition to this, there is still another area where the CIO can add a tremendous amount of value. Due to the fact that the CIO role is first and foremost a role concerned with the generation of revenue and the utilization of interdepartmental information through technology; the CIO role is becoming more and more concerned with the online environment.

Business is being forced increasingly more towards the online environment. With technological developments happening at a rapid rate of knots; the new CIO is having to ensure that their businesses are geared towards taking advantage of this digital revolution.

The successful CIO is one who is able to ensure that the systems that are being put in place are able to grow and develop with the changes not only internally, but externally as well.

A major debate which constantly surrounds the role of a successful CIO is that of whether or not a CIO can be successful without IT knowledge or experience… I would like to add another dynamic to that…

Can a CIO be successful without a sounds backing digital marketing and ultimately user experience?

Granted the CIO has a vast array of professionals within each specific department on whose experience he can draw; but with the rapid move to a technology driven and virtually connected world, a successful CIO is one who can understand and plan for the user experience that the consumer (both internally and externally) is demanding; whilst still ensuring that the organisation is able to operate more efficiently on systems which are “future proof” and able to ensure interdepartmental business intelligence to allow the C level executives in the organisation to better understand and plan for the future.

I am not suggesting that a CIO needs to be a digital marketer at heart, but rather that successful CIOs of the future, and even of the present day, need to be aware of digital marketing best practices and theories to ensure continued success.

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