Five points to consider before participating on LinkedIn

The common mistake most people make when using a tool is not gaining a good understanding of how the tool works and what they hope to achieve. Before registering and participating on LinkedIn, new users should consider the following five points:

1. Self-educate first

Get your hands on some LinkedIn training material and read it from end-to-end. You need to have a good understanding of all the features and functions of the social network first, before you do anything.

2. Different strokes for different folks

There are a whole bunch of different organisations and individuals participating on LinkedIn from individual contractors, job seekers, recruiters, small to medium size businesses, large companies and global enterprises. It is important that you understand your individual requirements first.

3. Do some research

There are many LinkedIn users out there that have already benefitted from the correct use of LinkedIn. Spend some time conducting research. Check out the case studies to learn what others have done right (and done wrong). This will save you a load of time.

4. Tap into all the rich content provided by the gurus

There are numerous marketing thought leaders and gurus out there who are constantly developing rich content . Find out who they are. Subscribe to their RSS feed, connect with them on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook pages and learn from them.

5. Plan

Formulate a proper plan on what you are going to do, how you will do it, what you hope to achieve, how you will measure success and measurement criteria. Include timelines with specific milestones. This is a journey you are planning, so make sure you do it right first time.

Here is a short video clip explaining what LinkedIn is all about

What would you add to the 5 points I listed? I would love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Five points to consider before participating on LinkedIn

  1. Jodene

    I made the initial mistake of not finding out all I could about Linkedin before diving in and creating a profile and didn’t find the true value until I stopped, read and followed some great advice. Now the network is growing nicely and the benefits and potential for my career are great.
    My advice is to see the value in recommendation (which I have only just discovered) and recommend people you have worked with first, then ask them to return the favour instead of simply sending out a request and waiting for a reply.

    1. David Graham Post author

      Thank you very much for your comment Jodene. I couldn’t agree with you more. Personal recommendations carry a lot of weight. For companies that have a LinkedIn page, it is beneficial to ask your clients for recommendations too.

  2. Claude Super

    Great post and very useful specially for people who intend to join LinkedIn and use it for networking.
    Thank you David,

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