The value of the “recommendation” on LinkedIn

Developing new relationships from scratch is never an easy feat for anyone whether is it a personal or business relationship. There is always the unknown that has yet to be discovered over time. In the business world, people only make buying decisions once you are viewed as a known and trusted advisor. To become a trusted advisor takes time, however this can be expedited through personal recommendations. On LinkedIn, a recommendation can be done in a number of ways:

The Introduction

If you would like to connect with a 2nd level connection on LinkedIn, there is an option on the person’s profile aptly named “Get introduced through a connection”. When you select this option, LinkedIn lists all your 1st level connections that are already connected with the person in question. You can then select one of the 1st level connections and ask the person to introduce you. This is way better than an unsolicited request that is likely to be turned down.

The provision of, or the request for, a recommendation

LinkedIn provides a feature for users to provide recommendations for others. You are given the option to either send a request for a recommendation or simply create a recommendation for someone. This is a great way to bolster your individual profile. There is nothing better than to read a person’s profile which has a number of independent recommendations to provide more credibility. This carries even more weight if you happen to know the person that has provided the recommendation for the person’s profile you are viewing.

News on your company page

For those that have created a company page on LinkedIn it is a good idea to include the news feature. This enables you to add all relevant news on your company whether it be press realeases, cutomer testimonials, general company use, financial results, etc to be displayed. This is a good way to build credibility for persons viewing your company page, wanting to know more about what others think about your business.

This will hopefully provide you with some insight of the value associated with introductions, recommendations, customer testimonials and company news that may be facilitated by LinkedIn.

Is there anything I have left out? Is there anything you would like to add or comment on? I would love to hear from you!


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