7 ways to differentiate yourself from others with a complete LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn provides you with the means to showcase your areas of expertise, enabling you to connect with others with similar skills more easily or with companies that are searching for people with your type of skill set.

Here is some advice on how to complete your profile in order to stand out from others.

It is a known fact that adding a photo to your profile makes it seven times  more appealing and more searchable. Including your two most recent employers makes your profile twelve times more likely to be found.  These small changes make a big difference to your profile.

Here are seven ways to make your profile much more appealing

1) Add a profile photo

2) Indicate which industry you work in or serve

3) Make sure that you have a minimum of fifty connections

4) Ensure that you write a summary about yourself

5) Add all jobs you have had together with descriptions

6) Include information relating to the school you attended

7) Add at least five skills to your profile

Whether you are just connecting with people or you want o be more visible to potential employers or clients, make sure you have a complete profile and be sure to update it on a regular basis.

Here is an example of a good profile

Did you find this useful? I welcome your feedback.

2 thoughts on “7 ways to differentiate yourself from others with a complete LinkedIn profile

  1. Peg Hosky

    Hi, David! Fundamental information like this is always useful for grounding. To take it a step further, more importantly, is to carefully identify groups that aggragate like-minded professionals and join them on LinkedIn. For example, if you are an HR professional interested in Diversity and Inclusion, there are several groups that noodle over that topic and gather, worldwide, folks from that area of expertise. Another example, a newer, tightly focused group called Federal Improper Payments – a niche, but again, individuals of like responsibility and concern. Or even a group like FedSMC which draws together individuals who are interested in staying abreast of the speakers at an upcoming conference.


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