How to increase your followers on Twitter

I discovered this article written by Lilach Bullock on the Social-Able website which provides great advice on how to increase your Twitter followers.

by Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock on Twitter)

As the fastest growing social media site, Twitter is great for promoting your business to existing and potential customers.

Everyone knows that success on Twitter falls on how many followers you have. (Especially if they are targeted followers).  The more followers you have, the more visits you should get per tweet. If you have lots of Twitter followers you have also hopefully developed a loyal fan base that you can target and promote your products to.

But how do you build up and increase your number of followers? Well the first lesson is to realise that it takes substantial time, effort and commitment to build up a list of avid followers. Next, you need to develop a strategy as well as a plan to implement this strategy. Once it’s up and running, don’t become obsessed with the number of followers you have. Rather, it’s far more valuable to build a list of loyal followers that are genuinely interested in your niche and want to interact and connect with you.

But there are some highly effective ways to drive up your followers. I will share these great insights with you now….

  • Give people a reason to follow you by focusing on your content.  Your content needs to be informative. Create content that is useful and valuable to your followers.  For example, you could provide a link to a useful website you have found. Your content also needs to highly-targeted content relevant to your niche.
  • Rather than Tweeting about yourself or other irrelevant things, tweet about things that will affect your followers or ensure your tweets are focussed on delivering value to them. Ensure your content is consistently interesting and engaging.
  • Tweet regularly, but don’t over tweet. People don’t want to be constantly bombarded. Schedule to have a flow of tweets throughout the day.
  • Create a concise yet interesting Twitter bio that clearly tells people who you are and what you do.
  • Interact with your followers to help develop relationships with them. Respond to others using the @reply method. Participate in interesting discussions.
  • Offer freebies, special offers, discounts and contests exclusively to your Twitter followers. Also offer these things as incentives to attract new followers.
  • If you’re a well-known or influential figure in your niche, apply to get verified.
  • Follow others and they will often follow you back. The probability of them following you back is increased by the fact that this is often done automatically. Use Twitter search to find people to follow in your niche. Especially follow anyone who tracked your tweets as users will like you even more when you return the favour.
  • Try to get on Twitter suggested users list. Though this is easier said than done.
  • Try to get listed on the popular lists in your niche.
  • As people like to be altruistic, consider tweeting that you will donate £1 to a worthwhile charity for every new Twitter follower gained over the next week.
  • Develop creative marketing ideas to promote your Twitter ID.
  • Regularly find exciting or newsworthy stories and share them with a link.
  • Participate in online events. This increases your exposure and appeal to others.
  • Add your Twitter URL to your signature line in your emails. This is especially good if you have a subscriber list.
  • Link your Twitter profile to your webpage, blogs and other social networks that you belong e.g. if you have a strong following on Facebook or Linkedin, use it to promote your Twitter page and vice versa.
  • Share information with your followers.
  • Be active on Twitter during peak times as your tweets will be read by more people, hence more visible to potential future followers.
  • Tweet with the #hash tag. This means your message becomes categorized so it can be accessed by individuals searching through the site for specific topics. If they view your tweet, you are bound to have other followers as their followers may view your message too.
  • Develop a consistent brand image/personality/style so people know what they are getting.
  • Use a variety of formats for your tweets e.g. presenting solutions, business tips, links, etc.

The most important thing to remember is that everything should be targeted to your target audience and their needs. Consider this in every decision you make i.e. what content to include, how often to tweet, when to tweet, etc. This should override any generic tips such as the ones suggested above. If the technique doesn’t work for your business or your customers then don’t use it. (Of course, you also need to consider your own resources in developing a strategy e.g. amount of time, commitment, effort you are willing to put in).

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