Which South African tweeps should I be following and engaging with?

Are you using Twitter and want a list of great South African twitter users to follow? I reached out to some of the people within the South Africa Twitter sphere and asked for their opinions. I asked them to recommend “Tweeps” that have influence and are worth engaging with.

The Hacks List – Top South African journalists on Twitter

(The full list can be found at http://hacks.mediahack.co.za/index.php)

@ReneeEverett and @DazMSmith sent me a list of South African Journalists that was shared by @alastairotter. This is a comprehensive list of over 400 Twitter accounts belonging to well-known and influential people that are definitely worth following. Some of the journalists I have interacted with that are worth mentioning are:

South African social media influencers

Fred Felton (@fredfelton) very kindly sent me a list of 136 South African social media influencers. @PoppieSlops, @franki1 and @MelAttree also provided Fred with suggestions.

(The full list can be found at http://fredfelton.wikispaces.com. Fred Felton welcomes you to add any decent Twitter accounts to the list).

The persons in this list cover a wide range of expertise which include blogging, digital consulting, advertising, writing, photography, website design, journalism and managing large organisations. I have listed some noteworthy tweeps below:

Other Twitter accounts that were recommended to me

@Jingo27 – Active in the digital marketing community and loves debating strategy and tactics

@JonHoehler – Mobile services professional

@maxrsa – CMO and Director of Deloitte Digital RSA

@Diane_Graham – Clients Services Director and digital specialist at Aqua Online

@ReneeEverett – Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Consultant, New Media & Tech Enthusiast

@liezelv – Liezel vd Westhuizen host of Espresso show and radio show

@alanqcooper – Alan writes a Tech column for the Sunday Tribune Newspaper

@LinkedIncome – Specialists in value networking

@nicdawes – Editor of Mail and Guardian

@shahil – Blogger and big influencer on Twitter

@kerimiller – radio DJ in the Cape

@devilliersgroup – influential in copywriting and websites

@MandyWiener – Journalist also influential

@MaxduPreez – Commentator and Journalist

@MadamMichelle – Lady in Advertising also influential on Twitter

@staffordmasie – Influential in tech, digital and social media

@mike_said_what – Influential about marketing, also does radio interviews now and on nedbank tv show

@maggsonmedia – Jeremy Maggs very influential in media and advertising

@binaflavia1234  – Writer for @journalofMKTG and @TheAnnualZA also influential in ad world

@shaunoakes – Very powerful blogger

@SurenNaidoo – Journalist who works for Mercury newspaper

@AkiAnastasiou – Tech journalist and Talk Radio 702

@TheBallito – Influential magazine run by Justin Scott

@fredfelton – Social Media Strategist, Speaker and Influencer

You should also look at @brettski, @paulof, @brett_stclair, @shawngraaff, @kojobaffoe, @AndyHadfield, @simonsingle, @shapshak, @za5, @cn, @liron_segev, @Moniquetheron, @davegreenway, @MarkGStacey, @nicharry and @Indulgence_Cafe

The links provided in this article together with the Twitter accounts that have been listed should cover most, if not all, the influential Twitter personalities South Africa has to offer. Are there others that should be added to this list?

One thought on “Which South African tweeps should I be following and engaging with?

  1. David Greenway (@davegreenway)

    My personal opinion is that is if you find out what sort of content you want in your Twitter stream, eg Technology, business, sport etc, then you should find the thought leaders in that specific topic and follow them first. From there, and over time, your following habits will evolve to include people who’s content interests you most.

    Another important factor is the Signal Vs Noise ratio. ‘Signal’ being tweets that add something to your day, tweets that engage you, content that you look forward to seeing in your timeline. ‘Noise’ can be defined as the opposite, meaningless tweets that crowd out the ‘Signal’.

    No Twitter account can ever be all ‘Signal’, but finding the accounts that give you the highest ratio of Signal Vs Noise will make your Twitter experience better.


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